MDXi is a specialist provider of Hybrid Cloud solutions offering a range of services using Azure Stack across IaaS and PaaS solutions within Microsoft Azure, combining on-premise with Azure Public Could Services.

Hosted in our Tier-III Data Centers in Lagos and Accra, the Azure Stack gives the same services as Azure from the West African Region, allowing customers enjoy the flexibility of the cloud at lower latency, and addressing challenges arising from data sovereignty, latency and connectivity issues.

Ideal for: Organizations where security and control are of prime concern, with business-critical applications that must remain in-country.


  • Same software platform as Public Azure
  • Certified PCI-DSS, ISO, CSA-CCM
  • Managed by Microsoft


  • No single point of failure
  • Managed by HPE

Data Center

  • Established Premier in West Africa
  • Managed by MDX-I

The MDXi Azure Stack IaaS service is designed to provide clients with a self-managed virtual center via Resources Pool (vRP) environment. Infrastructure capacity, including CPU, Memory, Storage, and Network, are allocated and the customers creates, manages and monitors its own virtual environment.

What you will get

IaaS services

  • Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets
  • Azure Storage (blobs, tables, queues)
  • Azure Networking – Virtual Networks, Load Balancer, VPN Gateway
  • Azure Key Vault

Azure Marketplace Content – Images and extensions

  • Citrix, Fortinet, Kemp Load Balancer
  • Windows Server; LINUX: RedHat, SuSE, CentOS, Ubuntu etc.
  • And several other services from the Market Place.

Azure Marketplace Content

  • Key IaaS/PaaS workloads
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Azure Identity

  • Azure Active Directory (AAD) multi-tenant support
  • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) support

MDXi is a Microsoft Gold Partner with verified competencies in Data Center, Cloud Platform and Productivity Solutions. We help with planning, architecture, implementing and managing your IT assets – be it in the Azure cloud or a hybrid setup.

MDXi’s Managed Services for Microsoft Azure provides the design, delivery and daily operational support of compute, storage and virtual network infrastructure in Azure. We monitor and manage system software, infrastructure configurations and service consumption using proven processes and tools. In addition, our security and governance policies help reduce Cloud sprawl – uncontrolled consumption.

Our Managed Services are flexible and scalable to continually meet your changing business needs, ensuring your IT costs and services always align to business objectives.

What you will get

Azure ExpressRoute Service provider

Leverage our strong partnership with across industry and channel to complement your services, ensuring prioritized support and escalation

Pay-As-You-Go: Pay only for what you use

24/7 Cloud Support from our state-of-the-art NOC to guarantee rapid response times & SLA

MDXi is a Select AWS Consulting Partner for West Africa. With our team of highly skilled AWS Cloud Architects and Engineers, we simplify the process of deployment, management, migration, security, and optimization of customer’s cloud infrastructure on the AWS platform.

We design best practice architecture, manage deployment, migration and operation of highly available and scalable cloud infrastructures based on Amazon Web Services.

By choosing Amazon Web Services with MDXi, you get a partner that helps you boost agility, accelerate time to market and enhance efficiency and productivity.

What you will get

AWS Direct Connect Provider

Advanced partnership with 3rd parties, that ensures prioritized support and escalation

Pay-As-You-Go: Pay only for what you use

24/7 Cloud Support from our state-of-the-art NOC to guarantee rapid response times & SLA

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