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A pioneer in West Africa’s Data Center and Cloud hosting market

MDXi has helped various companies realize the advantages of moving to the cloud. Our customers vary in size from small local companies to large enterprises and governmental institutions with varying workloads across Application Hosting, Disaster Recovery, Backup, Test and Development.

MDXi helps businesses of all sizes

Tap the power of cloud computing without the complexity and cost of managing it on their own. Our team of on-demand, highly skilled Cloud Engineers, Solutions Architects and System Administrators help businesses of all sizes realize the full power of cloud computing across multi cloud, hybrid and traditional cloud platforms without the complexity and cost of managing it on their own.

The preferred regional partner to leading global technology providers like HPE, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services.

Solutions Overview

Cloud Consultancy

We help evaluate the move from an on-premise Data Center to the Cloud and suggest ways to reduce costs without compromising on uptime or quality.

Deploy & Migration

Leverage IaaS in the cloud to deploy new infrastructure for your applications. With our cloud migration services, we will identify which on-premise applications can be moved to the cloud.

Enterprise Hosting

Move your existing Business Applications to the Cloud to reduce costs, improve performance and simplify management.

Websites Hosting

Reliable, highly scalable, and low-cost website and web application hosting.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Durable, cost-effective options for backup and disaster recovery (either in our hybrid cloud or Azure, AWS) with strong encryption of your data – in transit and at rest.

Storage and Archiving

Reduce the costs and complexity of archiving your enterprise data by moving your on-premises storage and data archiving to the cloud.

Network & Connectivity

We provide highly secure network to connect to your virtual machines and application in the cloud.

Managed Security

MDXi leverages a wide range of technologies and processes to provide an isolated and highly secure environment that protects your virtual machines, application and data in the Cloud.

Local Partner. Global Reach

Embracing the cloud can be challenging at first. As experts in cloud design, connectivity, migration and management, MDXi is that partner that helps you realize the full benefits of the cloud, with a proven methodology to manoeuvre you successfully through the challenges.

Is your business getting the most it can from the Cloud?

Our end-to-end Multi Cloud portfolio can assist your business at whatever stage you are at with our bouquet of services.

Professional Services

  • Cloud Strategy & Planning
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Solution Architecture
  • DR / BCP Planning
  • Setup & Configuration
  • Migration Services
  • Project Management


  • Compute
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Database
  • Hardware Infrastructure
  • Virtualization Software
  • Cloud Management Portal
  • Tier III Datacenter
  • Express Routes / Direct Connectivity

Managed Services

  • Monitoring
  • Access Management
  • Configuration Management
  • OS Management
  • PAAS Management
  • Specified Service Management
  • Database Management
  • Availability Management
  • Firewall Management
  • Data Protection

Supported Platforms

MDXI’s multi-tenant High-Performance Cloud hosted withinour regional data centersis designed to offer scalability, security and commercial flexibility to support applications and services for modern businesses. The MDXI VDC is highly available, with no single points of failure throughout the data center infrastructure and network.

Ideal for: organizations with IT legacy, complexity or history and new lines of business, where security and control are of prime concern, and the business-critical applications that must remain in-country.

MDXI is a specialist provider of Hybrid Cloud solutions. We offer a range of services using Azure Stack across IaaS and PaaS solutions within Microsoft Azure, combining on-premise with Azure Public Could Services.

Ideal for: organizations where security and control are of prime concern, withbusiness-critical applications that must remain in-country.

Our expert and qualified team can help you maximize the benefits of Microsoft’s Azure cloud services, building and managing secure infrastructure that helps to deliver your hosting objectives.

Ideal for: born in theCloudorganizations with applications requiring a lot ofinfrastructure flexibility.

AWS offers on-demand cloud computing platforms from different geographical regions. MDXi is a preferred AWS Managed Service Partner for the West African region. With our team of certified architects and sysops, we can help design, migrate and manage the right compute, storage, database, backup and more services on the AWS platform.

Ideal for: born in the Cloud organizations with applications requiring a lot ofinfrastructure flexibility.

We work with industry leading security providers and technologies to provide managed security service that offers advanced protection and mitigation against DDoS, vulnerability exploits and malware. MDXi Cloud Secure enhances the security of the Virtual Private Cloud and managed cloud platforms with fully managed and monitored services, designed to increase the security, protection and performance of hosted environments.

Valuable Partnerships with leading industry experts

Why MDXi Cloud Services?

Multi Cloud Competency

The reality is that most organizations will have a set of applications, security, existing investments and compliance needs, requiringa hybrid model that extends to multiple public and private clouds as part of an IT infrastructure model. MDXiHybrid cloud competency lets you select the best of both worlds case by case.

The largest compliance portfolio in the West Africa region

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