Digital transformation is increasing in Africa at an ever-accelerating rate. There are specific challenges and opportunities that are entirely unique to the continent. One example is the digital divide in Africa, a gap that both African and multinational tech companies are working to help close.

Internet penetration in sub-Saharan Africa is growing faster than anywhere else in the world, going from less than 1% in 2000 to about 30% in 2022.[1] However, there are about 840 million people on the continent who are still waiting to be connected. The opportunity is clear: Every small step toward closing this coverage gap will bring millions of people online for the first time, driving major dividends in both economic and social development.

If you’re one of the many global business leaders that’s looking to expand into Africa for the first time, read on for a closer look at the challenges and opportunities you may face, and how your counterparts in Africa are addressing them today.

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