Product Features

Unbilled Remote Hands
This option is free and does not require any deposit. Use of the unbilled service is available within reason.

Typical Tasks under this service include:

  • Reporting of visible alarms on the customer’s equipment
  • On-demand inspection of IT equipment, racks and general area for incidences, alarms and indicators
  • Server/ equipment hard reboot
  • Provision of rack cabling for power connectivity
  • Installation coordination
  • On-site equipment delivery collection
  • Circuit termination request

Billed Remote Hands
A minimum deposit is required for customers opting for this service. The customer will be billed per service rendered and once the initial deposit is exhausted the customer will need to top up with another deposit to renew the service.

Typical Tasks under this service include:

  • Basic operating system and application installation
  • Replacement of faulty hardware (swapping disks, power supplies)
  • Plug-in and unplug of network and peripheral cards for chassis equipment and customer’s equipment panel including servers, routers and switches
  • Plug-in and unplug of cable(s) to/from the port location, including inter-patch rack connections, as speci?ed by customer
  • Installation and/or removal of copper/?per patch lead between interconnection points
  • Labeling and re-labeling of installed cable(s)