MDX-i’s Solution


Ensuring the best security for your networks can be quite expensive to acquire and manage.  Our Managed Security Service (MSS) delivers an OPEX-based security solution on a Service Provider grade platform, through Virtual Domains (VDOMs).

Virtual domains (VDOMs) are used to divide an MSS security gateway into several multi-tenant virtual security devices, each operating as an independent security gateway.

Each VDOM provides completely isolated firewalling, routing, UTM, VPN, and next-generation firewall services. All traffic within a VDOM is completely separated from traffic from other VDOMs

Each customer’s network can be connected to their own VDOM with their own configuration and separate traffic flow. MDX-i manages the physical infrastructure, firmware & platform upgrades and other central management functions. Customers who subscribe to a VDOM service can manage their own VDOMs or, as a value-added feature, individual VDOMs can be managed by MDX-i.

Constant monitoring and management is performed to keep pace with change management and evolving threats. The solution is configured with high levels of redundancy and fail-over.

MDX-i staff can provide access to a GUI-based Security Service portal for the Customer Administrator to manage their own Company firewall rules.

The portal is available 24 hours per day with absolute control given to the customers. The Dedicated Hosted Virtual firewall eliminates the need for companies to purchase, host and manage a physical security device.