Product Features

Product Features

Logically Isolated/Dedicated Compute:

  • Adjustable Memory and CPU combinations give you the most flexible server options.
  • You can also increase the total capacity of your VRP.

High Performance Storage:

  • Provides fast secure access to stored data for database and other core applications.
  • High Performance Storage is optimized for high IOPs environments.


  • An enterprise-grade, logically separated network is provided through software-defined network configuration, ensuring exclusive access to your resources.
  • One Public IP provided by default. Additional IPs can be subscribed as required.
  • Private IP ranges are available in single or multiple subnets.
  • Private IP range available in single or multiple subnets.
  • MainOne’s Leased Circuit and Internet Breakout options can be provided quickly.
  • You can also access your resources securely through any other connectivity options.


  • A service-provider-grade Security Appliance not only ensures secure access and protection of your sensitive data, it also provides secure availability of your services.

Dedicated Security:

  • Virtual Domains (VDOMs) can be subscribed to ensure additional exclusive security to your VRP.
  • Encrypted Access to SAN storage is built-in to further ensure data security.

Data Protection and BaaS:

  • You can backup your subscribed VRP based on various SLA options made available by MDX-i.