Financial Institutions for the Future

With newer, more nimble Fintech entrants, digitized business models, fierce competition and the onward march of technology, your financial institution must deliberately enhance its competitiveness digitally. MDX-I can help you achieve this.

MDX-I vendor-neutral Data Centers are located in close proximity to leading market-leading exchanges and major financial hubs in West Africa. Take advantage of our global infrastructure, cloud-connected network capabilities and financial industry expertise to transform your network, optimize performance and reduce complexity.

  • MDXI network-neutral data centers are in close proximity and connected to numerous market-leading financial hubs exchanges globally in London, Amsterdam Nigeria and Ghana. Connect to leading global and local payment gateways
  • MDXI guarantees West Africa’s secure, compliant and reliable colocation infrastructure with its PCI DSS and ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications.
  • Be at home with Nigeria’s leading financial institutions with a data center in close proximity to the business and financial centre of Lagos State, and by extension, Nigeria.

Leveraging Big Data to enable Smarter Enterprises

The manufacturing industry is a highly competitive industry and has always been on a quest to reduce cost, increase productivity, and minimize waste. Although multiple challenges arise from dealing with the demands for products to tracking their location across factories, warehouses and distribution centers while optimizing operations and administration; continually improving efficiency directly impacts the bottomline. ICT has been found to be a key differentiator for manufacturing companies to manage these issues more efficiently, by converging IT infrastructure to manage critical applications and processes, while driving innovation to meet consumers’ demand.

With the growth of IoT, smart metering, eInventory and networked industrial machines autonomously coordinating and optimizing work, ICT can also help manufacturers collate Big Data in order to improve yields, reduce defects, and optimize the supply chain, marketing services and finance.

  • Significant reduction of CAPEX and OPEX expenditure such as power, staffing, equipment.
  • Surmount the challenges of epileptic power supply with 24/7/365 guaranteed power supply through multiple sources including directly from the National Grid Connection.
  • Provides faster times to go-to-market for new products and services.
  • Flexible and agile to accommodate business growth making it easy to scale up or scale down as the need arises.
  • Enables focus on core business revenue generating activities and allows you move away from managing IT infrastructure.

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Creating a more inclusive education

Education has moved from brick and mortar educational facilities to virtual classrooms, mobile devices and experiential learning. From collaboration to implementation, high-performance computing and low-latency optical networks help enable science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) solutions. Research and Education operators take advantage of MDXI’s Cloud and Colocation Services to help educators and students connect global classrooms, collaborate on research and accomplish prize-winning breakthroughs.

Enabling high performance for Digital Media

The Digital Media market is growing exponentially all around the world. Digital Media companies require low latency and high bandwidth network performance and 100% uptime so they can service their customers around the clock and cost-effectively scale their businesses.

MDXI is West Africa’s leading information and communications technology service provider with advanced colocation facilities and other assets that can power digital media companies.

  • High performance, low latency: MDXI’s highly connected data centers are strategically located in commercial hubs in West Africa. This allows faster performance and lower latency for content delivery.
  • Reliability and Uptime: With robust connectivity options, 99.998% uptime and deep footprint in key global markets, MDXI guarantees a reliable and high-performing environment for digital media companies.
  • Cost Control: MDXI provides a flexible, future-proof environment to help digital media companies speed time to service customers and optimize IT efficiencies while simultaneously controlling what would otherwise be escalating costs