On behalf of the Management of MDXi, we thank you for your understanding and cooperation during the COVID-19 lockdown. With your support, we have been able to achieve hitch-free operations during the lock-down, as we maintained restrictions on access to the data center for all non-critical activities thus enabling a safe working environment for our staff and customers and sustaining our services and the entire facility.

We have keenly followed the latest pronouncement by the Federal Government of Nigeria to ease the lockdown, effective from 4th May 2020. Whilst we await further directive from the Lagos State Government on the scope of the relaxed lockdown rules, MDXi intends to continue to maintain strict measures to protect our DC facilities and our staff from the risk of the COVID-19 and other diseases that could compromise the entire facility and put our operation and those of our customers at risk.

Therefore, until the current wave of the spread of the virus is contained or a more definitive cure or vaccine is found, MDXi shall maintain the following operational processes and procedures with respect to the operations of the Data Centre and ancillary facilities.

Access Request & Work Authorisation

Access restriction to the Data Centre shall continue to be enforced and each access request shall be evaluated on its merit and approval shall be granted in line with our emergency access procedures. While operational access request will require 24hrs notice, project related access request will require a minimum of 72hrs notice to allow for effective resource planning and will need to incorporate appropriate social distancing strategies to limit the number of individuals housed in the facility at any particular time. As part of the access procedure, we will continue to require visitors to complete an access request form with attestation that the visitor has not been exposed to possible areas of contamination, while basic health screening will be carried out at the gate before visitors are allowed to gain entrance into the facility. In line with LASG regulations, wearing of masks will be required on premise and customers requesting to work for more than two hours at a stretch will be required to provide and wear their personal anti-contagion protective equipment (PPE).

Please note that we are currently having a backlog of work authorisation requests from customers pending since the lockdown started. As a result, there may be a delay in clearing all the requests and we will continue to count on your cooperation as we give every customer the right attention.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our staff, customers and communities remain of utmost concern to MainOne and we will continue to act in line with global best practices in taking necessary precautionary measures to minimize the risk of contracting or spreading the virus to our staff. We shall continue to observe the social distancing rule within the Data Centre premises and not more than 4 persons may be allowed to work in any wing and/or the customer designated workspaces within the premises at any given time.

Continuity of Service

We are determined to ensure that our services continue to run seamlessly and plans are in place to ensure we reduce the risk of disruptions. As such, we are changing our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to enable us operate the facility with a minimum number of operational staff physically present at the facility at any particular time, whilst other staff either work in shifts or work remotely from home.

Remote Hands and Eyes Supports (RHES) services

We continue to encourage our customers to take advantage of our RHES services as much as possible during this period. As most of our customers who have used these services during the lockdown will attest, the Remote Hands and Eyes Support from MDXi provides customers with access to professional and competent engineers to handle routine checks, troubleshooting of performance issues, installation and project-based activities on equipment co-located at our Data Center. Our dedicated and qualified engineers will continue to act as your “eyes and hands” to perform various tasks on your behalf, saving you travel costs, logistics, associated health risk and ensuring we maintain efficient operations within the DC premises for the good of all stakeholders. Request for such services can be made by sending email to gnoc@mainone.net or through the customer portal https://portal.mainone.net. While these access restrictions remain in place, Class I & II services will remain free, while customers will need to pay a token for more complex class III services.

Once again, we appreciate your continued cooperation throughout this current and evolving situation. We assure you that we will continue to monitor the situation, respond appropriately, and keep you informed on any changes to these procedures. In addition, you can always visit our website at www.mainone.net, www.mdxi-i.com or contact: customersupport@mainone.net for more information on our commitment to continue to support your businesses during this critical period.