As more companies become digital and shift from individual servers to networked systems, numerous businesses are realizing that the benefits of running server rooms in-house are being outweighed by the advantages of an outsourced solution.

Many companies are yet to realize the cost-saving benefits as well as levels of resiliency their businesses stand to enjoy by outsourcing the management of their servers to a data center service provider. Outsourcing allows you to focus on your business growth and stay competitive while the data center provider ensures that your mission-critical infrastructure is up and running by performing important functions such as server security, power redundancy, cooling, bandwidth connectivity, network security, 24/7 monitoring and support.


Here’s why businesses should be exploring the benefits that outsourcing to a data center could provide their organization:

  1. Cost Reduction

Businesses can enjoy a significant reduction in operational expenses as operations leverage economies of scale provided by data centers. Outsourcing allows businesses adopt scalable business models with zero  CAPEX and predictable OPEX. At MDXi, customers can leverage reliable connectivity from multiple providers at the lowest latency in open access, carrier-neutral environment with direct connections to major submarine cables and direct access to global Financial and Business Internet Exchanges, while maintaining complete control of their data and infrastructure.

  1. Scalability

Outsourcing to data center providers gives businesses the flexibility and scalability to grow as the need for an expanded network, storage and computer infrastructure arises. MDXi also offers value-added services such as remote hands, office and storage spaces to ensure operational stability, continuity and support for all customers at the Data Center.

  1. Mission Critical Redundancy

By colocating mission-critical hardware and software in an outsourced data center where maximum uptime is guaranteed, businesses can surmount the challenge of epileptic power supply and take advantage of multiple active power and cooling systems with concurrently maintainable redundant components.

  1. Quick to Market

Data center outsourcing helps businesses meet long term objectives by providing flexible and expandable rack-space as well as multiple solutions as needed.

MDXi’s purpose-built specialized facilities with a combination of physical and virtual servers provide the agility necessary for businesses to scale up or down on-demand, and enjoy faster times to market for new products and services that require longer infrastructure deployment schedules.

  1. Expert Technical Support

Businesses are not only able to reduce staff overhead through simplification and automation of administrative tasks by experienced data center engineers, data center providers also offer access to 24/7/365 support from multi-skilled and highly certified experts for routine tasks and emergencies.

Need on-site help regarding maintenance, monitoring, or management?

MDXi data centers offer Remote Hands and Eyes Services (RHES) with dedicated and qualified engineers acting as your “eyes and hands” to perform various tasks on your behalf when you cannot physically visit the Data Center, saving you travel costs, logistics and other expenses.


Businesses require data centre providers that can guarantee higher levels of delivery and availability around their connectivity offerings to enable them to provide best-in-class customer service. By outsourcing the management of your infrastructure to MDXi, West Africa’s leading data center company, your business’ ICT infrastructure is placed within a stable and secure environment with superior 24×7 support and predictable costs. For the enterprise customer, collocating at MDXi means that business operations can now be seamless, more effective and more profitable.

MDXi’s world-class infrastructure offers a level of reliability and affordability that makes it particularly attractive to businesses with mission-critical applications.  The facilities provide the additional benefit of being directly placed on MainOne’s highly reliable network and offers interconnection with other major network operators and Internet Service Providers right within MainOne’s premises.