Product Features

Cold Aisle Containments
The data halls comprise of cold aisle containments of 30 racks each already pre-installed with redundant power and connectivity to each rack space. Each containment guarantees full access control with physical locks, biometric options and dedicated CCTV to ensure that all customers have full control and visibility of collocated equipment within the MDX-i data center.

MDXi’s caging solution is a fully customized solution that allows our customers demarcate a secure space in our data halls, enabling ideal space, security and deployment configuration within the secure confines of a floor to ceiling enclosure. Our secure cage colocation solution offers more privacy for customers who are collocating non-standard or multiple racks and require a physically demarcated area.

Work Area Recovery
The Data Center provides alternate work environments for authorized customer personnel who require direct access to their colocated infrastructure. It is also used in the event of a disaster or other business disruption which requires direct access to the servers or provision of alternative workspace due to inaccessibility of primary work location. Work area recovery enables productivity in the face of disruption and helps maintain continuous business operations. Work area can be provided as a dedicated space or on an occasional ad-hoc use basis.