The MDX-i Cloud Service

Cloud Services are outsourced information technology (IT) systems and functions made available through the internet or privatenetwork connectivity. A hosted service provider owns and manages infrastructure, software and administrative tasks and makes thesystem available to subscribers and their users, usually over the internet or a vpn link.

MDX-i’s cloud service, configured within the MDX-i Tier III data centre, is built on market leading cloud technologies, management tools and enterprise grade infrastructure to provide a secure cloud environment for all IT workloads.


The MDX-i Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Platform

The MDX-i IaaS service is accessed through an administrative portal, which, after registration by authorized administrators and can beaccessed by users from designated systems with VPN access. Secure access can be either through a dedicated leased circuit orthrough the Internet.

MDX-i’s IaaS provides subscribers with a self-managed virtual resource pool (VRP) within which they can create Virtual Machines, andmanage and monitor their own virtual environment. This service essentially provides subscribers with a Virtual Data Centre to provide all the functionality of a typical traditional on-premise data centre.

MDX-i IaaS uses cloud platforms based on tried and tested hypervisors (VMware vCloud and Microsoft Cloud OS) which arecompatible with popular on-premise data center virtualized solutions. This means subscribers can easily extend on-premise workloads into the cloud, ensuring a smooth and pain-free journey into the cloud.