MDXi – An Equinix Company, is the home and partner to AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) in Africa. With a connection to AMS-IX Lagos, you interconnect with a multitude of networks directly including internet service providers, mobile network providers, Cloud providers, Content providers and enterprises, exchanging internet traffic using only one cross-connect.

Joining AMS-IX Lagos gives you the opportunity to be a part of a rich interconnection ecosystem which improves your network performance and experience for your end users.

You can also connect to AMS-IX Lagos remotely from any location in West & Central Africa via a leased line or IPLC through any IP Transport provider of your choice.

Benefits of peering on AMS-IX Lagos at MDXi

Improved network performance

Live Monitoring

24/7 First Line Technical Support

Reduced connectivity costs

What do you need to Join?


    • ASN assigned to you by a Local or Regional Internet Registry: AFRINIC, RIPE-NCC, APNIC, LACNIC or ARIN.
    • Connection to AMS-IX Lagos.


Join Our Partner Program


Would you like to be a Reseller of AMS-IX peering ports @ MDXi? Our Partner Program allows third parties to resell AMS-IX ports from anywhere in West and Central Africa.


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