Gbenga Adegbiji, the Chief Operating Officer at MDXi, West Africa’s leading data center company has reavealed how MDXi became the most environmental friendly data center in Nigeria.

In an interview with TechEconomy.NG, Adegbiji spoke candidly about MDXi’s vast impact on Digital Infrastructure in West Africa, the nagging challenges and Lekki II Data Center due for launch in 2022, among sundry issues.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

After the launch of Appolonia Data Centre in Accra in June this year, MDXi has announced its Lekki II Data Centre for launch in Q1 2022. What exactly is driving MainOne’s investment in Digital Infrastructure?

Digital transformation and the growth of the Digital economy is changing the world in many ways and will continue to transform the way we live and do business. There is still a huge digital infrastructure gap in many countries of Africa and MainOne’s vision is to bridge that gap through our investments across the West African region.

Our Data Centre subsidiary, MDXi is expanding its footprint across the region as seen with the Appolonia Data Centre in Ghana and now Lekki Data Centre II. These investments will power the explosive growth in data consumption and digital services in the region.

Your facility is touted as the most environmental-friendly Data Centre in Nigeria today. How are you able to do this?

Data Centres generally consume a lot of power due to the volume of energy required to power and remove heat generated by IT infrastructure. This power must also be available on a 24hrs, 7-days basis no matter what. To achieve high availability of power in our environment, most data centres rely on diesel-fuelled generators to power operations which is not environmental-friendly because of carbon emissions and noise pollution.

The MDXi Lekki campus is strategically located close a sub-station on the national grid and the company invested in building a direct and dedicated 33KV line to connect the grid.

This initiative cut our carbon emissions by 95%, which is why the facility is attractive to organisations looking to reduce carbon footprint and embrace a more environmentally friendly infrastructure space.

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