Cloud infrastructure management is key to driving organisations’ goals and this explains the increasing quest to secure complete control of organisations’ cloud environment.

Organizations leverage cloud computing services ultimately for the value of cost-efficiency and to save effort that would otherwise be spent on managing an on-premise computing solution.

In establishing efficient businesses, a cloud management strategy does not only require time and resources but also attracts other challenges in cloud computing that typically come with the process. Therefore, to utilise the maximum benefits of cloud management, organisations must be aware of potential brick walls and adopt effective measures to overcome the peculiar challenges.

This article seeks to address the popular enterprise cloud management challenges organisations can encounter and tips to overcome them



Keeping confidential data safe and secure is among the topmost priorities for businesses. Earlier, most enterprises used corporate firewalls to keep their sensitive data safe and secure. Now with cloud migration becoming an increasingly prevalent practice, the challenge of keeping the data safe makes businesses extremely cautious.


There are multiple ways to mitigate this challenge such as –

  • Implementing security applications, encrypted file systems, and data loss software to prevent attacks on cloud infrastructures
  • Adopting a tight security protection protocol that includes training the internal IT staff on security issues and how to handle them
  • Organisations must identify and patronise cloud service providers that adopt strong measures and reassure clients of the security of their data by preventing hacking and other malicious activities that could compromise their systems
  • Using security tools and adopting a corporate culture that upholds data security discreetly

At MDXi we work with industry-leading security providers and technologies to provide managed security service that offers advanced protection and mitigation against DDoS, vulnerability exploits and malware.



Another common challenge that businesses face while using cloud infrastructure is how to avoid the danger of being locked into a service. Every business wants the freedom of portability that would allow migration in and out of the cloud without any issues. When that is not possible due to lock-in periods and other similar problems, the desire to collaborate with a cloud service provider dampens.


Businesses must identify cloud service providers with the ability to integrate a client’s cloud computing requirements with their on-premise IT operations seamlessly. This is also important as many businesses cannot afford to continue operations within the cloud and on-premise operations separately.

MDXi partners with global public cloud service providers such as Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Services to deliver world-class solutions to customers.



Costing is a significant challenge in the adoption, migration, and operation of cloud computing services, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Although, for the most part, cloud computing helps businesses save money as organizations can easily ramp up their processing capabilities without having to make large investments in new hardware. However, the scalable and on-demand nature of cloud computing services makes it difficult to define and predict quantities and costs.


There are several ways to control cloud costs. For example, organizations can optimize costs by automating policies for governance, conducting better financial analytics and reporting, or keeping the management reporting practice on the course so that the cost issues in cloud computing can be decreased.

The other way to overcome this challenge is by preparing a cost estimate budget right from the beginning. Make sure to involve experts to assist you with cloud cost management or create a centralized team to manage and oversee the budget details.



Cloud migration refers to the process of moving all the applications and data from on-premise storage to the cloud. Moving business operations to another cloud service provider can be very challenging and can affect the functioning of all other systems. Among the other challenges involved with cloud migration are –

Security configurations, Capital investment, Time-consuming process, Slow data migrations, Extensive troubleshooting and Application downtime.


The ideal way to overcome the challenges which come with cloud migration is by undertaking detailed pre-migration testing. To assess the situation better, make sure to stick to your budget and project deadlines during the testing phase.

You can also hire the services of professional cloud service providers with expertise in cloud migration.



Instead of using a single cloud, companies today are using multiple public and private clouds. Managing a multi-cloud environment sometimes hinders their management. Using a multi-cloud setup brings in many other complexities and challenges which IT teams have to deal with.


One of the best ways to overcome this cloud challenge is by utilization of proper tools such as cloud cost management solutions, automation, auto-scaling features, and other such tools which help manage a multi-cloud environment efficiently.

Further, hiring a professionally qualified team of skilled workers can also help you train your existing staff.



The staff learning curve remains one of the most overlooked cloud computing challenges. Migrating to the cloud means establishing new terms of authorization and access to internal information. This could either block employees from the information they need or open access to more people in your company. The cloud also affects the way departments communicate with one another.


Organisations can approach this challenge by hosting training seminars. Also, try keeping an open-door policy for the first few months of implementing cloud services.



Tap the power of cloud computing without the complexity and cost of managing it on your own. MDXi’s team of on-demand, highly skilled, Cloud Engineers, Solutions Architects and System Administrators help businesses of all sizes realize the full power of cloud computing across multi-cloud, hybrid and traditional cloud platforms without the complexity and cost of managing it on their own.

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