Colocating your IT infrastructure within our data centers provides you with the highest availability, widest choice of connectivity, high security and an optimal operating environment to ensure business continuity.

From a single rack to a fully dedicated hall, MDXi colocation solutions provides you with a flexible solution that suits your current and future business requirements.

Improve your business competitiveness via access to

  • 100% availability year-on-year since inception
  • Tier III design and facility build standards
  • High security profile for the campus site
  • Access to high quality fiber network infrastructure and diverse routes.
  • Inter Connectivity between campuses
  • Round the clock environmental conditioning and monitoring
  • Reduced capital investment and lower lifetime cost
  • Remote Hands and Eyes Support available round-the-clock

Key Offerings

We provide your with highly available, secure, cost-effective data center infrastructure for your mission-critical IT requirements.


Access guaranteed 99.982% Uptime availability for all your infrastructure. We ensure your data is always available and accessible when you and your customers need it.

Agility & Scalability

Our colocation services provide the right capacity and performance for your requirements, giving you the ability to deploy your mission-critical infrastructure where required.

Cost Efficiency

Leverage our infrastructure that guarantees flexible and predictable monthly expenses,offering you proven savings of 20-50%, which can be channeled into the growth of your business.


With multiple levels of security via bulletproof doors, access control via turnstiles& speed stiles,armed security presence and physical security, access is granted to only authorized personnel.

Ready to transform your IT infrastructure? We’re here to help.